Monthly Economic Update for August, 2020

Monthly Economic Update, August 2020

Presented by Placeholder: Peck Financial Advisors

U.S. Markets

Stock prices rallied in July as further development of a COVID-19 vaccine and better-than-expected corporate financial reports encouraged investors.

Monthly Economic Update for July, 2020

Monthly Economic Update

Presented by Peck Financial Advisors, July 2020


U.S. Markets

Stock prices climbed higher in June, as investors looked beyond an increase in COVID-19 cases as well as reports that several states planned to slow the pace of their economic re-opening.

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Monthly Economic Update for June, 2020

Monthly Economic Update

Presented by: Peck Financial Advisors June 2020


U.S. Markets

Stocks rallied in May, sparked by a supportive Federal Reserve, stories of states re-opening, and reported progress on a COVID-19 vaccine.

Monthly Economic Update for May, 2020

Monthly Economic Update

Presented by Peck Financial Advisors, May 2020


U.S. Markets

Stocks rebounded sharply in April, fueled by a flattening pandemic curve and positive results from a clinical trial investigating a treatment for COVID-19.

Monthly Economic Update for April, 2020

Monthly Economic Update

Presented by ​Peck Financial Advisors, April 2020


4/1/20 Communication to Clients from Peck Financial Advisors

So these are fast-moving times with a great deal of information flying around us.  I wanted to be sure you’re aware of a few of the financial details.


Roth IRA Conversions

Key Provisions of the CARES Act

Income Tax Filing Deadlines Postponed to July 15, 2020 - IRS and Calif Tax Franchise Board

Per the Los Angeles Times on 3/20/2020, tax filing and payment deadlines for 2019 Federal and State of California have been pushed out to 7/15/20.  Estimated Payments usually due in April and June of 2020 have also been pushed out to 7/15/20 by both the IRS and the California Tax Franchise Board.

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