Peck Financial Advisors is a fee-only, woman-owned firm that advises clients on being prepared financially for milestones in their lives―both personally and professionally. We provide financial planning services, including risk management and estate planning, as well as direct management of investments.


Financial Planning

Some people see financial planning as a matter of reaching a finish line—achieving a target amount of portfolio value at a particular time in their lives. At Peck Financial Advisors, we know financial planning is a process; a series of opportunities, challenges and accomplishments.


Some of us choose change in our work, our careers, or our personal lives. Sometimes change chooses us. Peck Financial Advisors works with people who want to align financial plans and investment strategies with their intended direction.

Investment Management

Valerie Peck is a San Diego, CA, Fee-Only Financial Planner and Investment Manager serving San Diego and surrounding areas. We invest based on research, diversification, client-specific needs, and controlling costs.