Income Tax Filing Deadlines Postponed to July 15, 2020 - IRS and Calif Tax Franchise Board

Income Tax Filing Deadlines Postponed to July 15, 2020 - IRS and Calif Tax Franchise Board

Per the Los Angeles Times on 3/20/2020, tax filing and payment deadlines for 2019 Federal and State of California have been pushed out to 7/15/20.  Estimated Payments usually due in April and June of 2020 have also been pushed out to 7/15/20 by both the IRS and the California Tax Franchise Board.

"Individuals can delay payments of up to $1 million in taxes and corporations can defer payments of up to $10 million until July 15 without interest and penalties, according to IRS guidance published Wednesday. The IRS hasn’t published an official notice stating which forms are included in the later filing deadline.

The IRS on Wednesday also delayed the first installment of quarterly estimated tax payments that businesses and self-employed individuals send to the IRS, which will now be due July 15. A stimulus package being negotiated in the Senate could move that deadline back even further, to Oct. 15.

California’s Franchise Tax Board delayed until July 15 the deadlines for 2019 tax returns and payments, 2020 first- and second-quarter estimate payments, 2020 LLC taxes and fees and 2020 non-wage withholding payments."

Income tax filing deadline postponed 3 months to July 15, 2020 - for the full article, go to:


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