How Might Higher Inflation Affect Your Investments?

Parents Need to Get Ahead of Rising College Costs

Along with most consumer prices, college tuition costs are heating up again. It seems as though we have become accustomed to college cost increases that have outpaced the rate of inflation; however, recent data shows them rising at an even more alarming rate  into the double digits in many states and as high as 30% in California.

How to Handle Overblown College Fears

I remember Lynn O'Shaughnessy when she was a staff writer on personal financial issues for the San Diego Union Tribune.  She is the author of a book called, The College Solution, which I recommend to parents starting to consider the costs and value of a college education for their children.  Her book is a must-have.  She also has a blog,

Are You Retiring Within the Next 5 Years?

An Emergency Fund for Life Unexpected

One of the first lessons of finance we are taught, by our parents or through some basic personal finance course, is to make creating an emergency fund our top priority. Having a reserve of cash equivalent to six to 12 month’s worth of living expenses is considered a fundamental principal of financial security.

Debt and Retirement - How to Handle both when Nearing Retirement

An increasing number of Americans are facing an uphill battle just trying to save enough and earn enough on their savings to be able to retire on time.

Online lending for small business owners- Fortune

I’m not sure I agree that traditional banks are “the perfect partner” as referenced in this article about new sources for small business loans, but if rates and fees are manageable, these new opportunities could be good news for small businesses. Fortune notes:

Secrets of Second-Act Career Changers - Money article

Nice to see an article with some specific suggestions, data and optimism about changing careers later in life. We're definitely believers that one way to have a more comfortable "retirement" may be to work longer, full-time or part-time, in a new field that you enjoy. The secrets of second-act career changers

It's 1099 Time

Strong Dollar, Good or Bad?

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